The Process
We restore Bathtubs, showers and counter tops. 
This process can be done on surfaces like:
 porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, acrylic, laminate and cultured marble.
 bathtubs, showers, counter tops, tile, sinks
All finishes are:
abrasion resistant, humidity resistant, impact resistant, chemical resistant and stain resistant and will last for up to 20 yrs.  Not to mention... they look fantastic!
Different finishes and colors are available.
A standard size bathtub is done in three to four hours.  A vanity top is finished in even less time. Most showers will take approximately four hours to complete but time will vary depending on the size of the shower.  Kitchen counter tops are also done in approximately 4 to 5 hours.
Repairs such as cracks, chips or punctures will be done before the new surface is applied.
This tub has been etched, sanded and cleaned. 
 And, the old caulk has been stripped off.
The tub is then masked off, drop cloths are put
in place and a room ventilator is brought in to
decrease the amount of fumes and over spray.
All necessary coats are then  applied via spray gun. 
Coats include: Bonding agent, primer, top finish.
Clean up and re-caulk.
1. Old caulk is removed.
2. An etching solution is applied to the surface.  As the name implies, this solution etches the old surface allowing a permanent bond between the used and the new.
3. Wet sanding will help loosen and remove any build up on the old surface such as soap scum, grime, etc. And, it provides even more tooth for a permanent bond.
4. A thorough cleaning and tacking will remove any and all contaminants.
5. The surface is then masked off to avoid any over spray on items and surfaces in the immediate area.  Drop cloths are used to cover floors, plastic is draped over mirrors and furniture when necessary.  And, an air system is brought in for the removal of fumes.
6. The new surface is now ready to be sprayed in the following order. Bonding agent, Primer,  finish, clear
7. Clean up and re-caulk.
This process produces the long lasting, sleek, new look we all desire.
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