Ideal Resurfacing - FAQ's - GRAND PRAIRIE, TX
1. How durable is the new surface?Resistance and durability are the dominating qualities of our products and do not need special care.  Abuse however, can result in damage.
2. What kind of repairs can be done to a surface? Repairs can be done to almost any type of damage; including: chips, holes, cracks and dents.
3. How long before I can start using my new tub, shower or counter top? 24 to 36 hours.
4. How long does the resurfacing process take? Depending on the condition and size of the surface, anywhere from three to six hours.
5. How long will the finish last? When done right, a new finish will last 15 to 20 years.
6. How should I take care of my new surface?Special care is not necessary. However, it is best not to use abrasives, watered down bleach or straight bleach. This applies to all surfaces including originals.