What customers are saying:
"Tino was very informative and provided us with details on the process. He showed up on time and did a very professional job. "
Jackie W.
"Perfect repair and very professional. Definitely will use this company again if ever needed."
Sue N.
"Tino had great communication, showed up on time & charged me the price he quoted. He was clean, fast & got the job done to 100% satisfaction. Great job!"
Marsha S.
"I am a contractor and needed a tub and shower resurfaced, got a call from ideal resurfacing, hired him and got the job done. First time around we got the color off a bit and customer requested it be redone and Tino without any hesitation rescheduled for a redo and got it taken care off right away. He now is on my A list of sub contractors. Thank you "  
Cesar H.
"Ideal Resurfacing was very professional. They arrived exactly on time. Further, they provide prompt feedback as we were setting up the appointment. The job was performed extremely well and we are very pleased with the outcome. They took the time to explain what would happen with the procedure before they performed any work. They then took extra time taping off exposed surfaces and totally cleaned up when they were finished. They even completed the work in 2/3 of the time they quoted it would take. I am very pleased with this vendor and highly recommend them. "
Jeff B.
"Great timely service. Tino outline how the resurfacing project would happen and delivered the best possible outcome. The resurfacing took a shorter period of time than expected; definitely not a complaint. At the close of the project Tino reviewed how to take care of the new surface and went over the guarantee."  
Chris K.
"I am so happy with my refinished bathtub and tile.  After many phone calls and quotes Ideal Resurfacing had the best customer service, the best price, and the quality of work was perfect.  I would recommend Ideal Resurfacing to all my friends and co-workers who need their bathrooms updated.
Thank you."
Leslie F.
"I could not be more happy with the results of our refinished tub & tile.  Ideal Resurfacing is the best! The customer service was great, the price was right, and the tub & tile look awesome! I have already recommended Ideal Resurfacing to all my friends and co-workers."  
Jennifer T.
"Outstanding service. I am very pleased with the result and the price. "
Peter E.
"Performed service as requested and was very responsive to my questions."
Mike M.
"Tino was kind and efficient. he communicated of what he was gonna do and how long it would take. He was considerate in asking if he can use the bathroom for example, unlike others which automatically use the bathroom. He does amazing work in which the bath tub for example that he did for me looked great and as brand new looking as you can get. "
Jimmy Q.
He arrived on time - stayed in bathroom - didn't converse much - explained procedure - took down my shower doors for me so they could be shined - covered all my faucets - rehung my shower rod - vented bathrom so the odor would not disturb me - and cleaned up after himself IF he made a mess. I am greatly pleased and have sent out his card to other ladies, neighbors. Its their decision to call him. BUT I have offered to show anyone the difference. Perhaps BEFORE / AFTER PHOTOS MAY BE OF ASSISTANCE TO THE COMPANY."
Bonnie D.
"Completed resurfacing as described over the telephone."
Mellisa P.
"I had a crack in my garden tub. It was repaired so well that no one coulod ever tell it was there! Tino did a terrific job. I would recommend him to others who need th is type of repair.."
Paula S.